Clean Campaign Pledge for Milwaukee County

We can all agree that the bitter tone and excess of political money that has hurt our debate. It’s time for Milwaukee County to lead again and begin the coalition building required to address problems and develop appropriate solutions. I challenge my election opponents to join me in pledging to:

Run Clean Campaigns:

I promise to run a positive campaign to focus on the issues facing our neighbors, not on personality differences. Let’s build our community up and not tear each other down. At a time of incredible belittling and bullying by our nation’s top politician, we at the local level must do better. Our voters expect honesty from their candidates and they deserve that. Let’s agree to keep derogatory mentions of each other’s names out of our
campaign commercials, mail pieces, phone calls,and tweets. Voters want to hear where we stand on the issues – they don’t want to hear personal attacks. Let’s honor them and give them what they want.

Say No to Outside Groups:

Let’s let the people decide, not dark money or those skirting campaign finance laws to spend exorbitant amounts of money to tilt democracy away from the people. Let’s put the people first, not special interests.

Reject Corporate Influence:

Corporations have too much influence in our politics today. I propose we all pledge to not take — and if necessary, return any — corporate PAC contributions, donations from corporate lobbyists, to eliminate this influence in our campaigns and in our government. And for any running who accept corporate donations in this race, we should agree to return those contributions. When corporate interests knock on the door of the
courthouse, they do so because they have a profit motive.


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