With a leader who has a clear vision for the future, a track record of getting things done, and a champion for Milwaukee’s working families – and with your help – together, we will build a Milwaukee County of our own design. Here’s what I promise to you:

1) Be accessible – and listen. I will hold a public coffee hour in each of the 19 municipalities each year I am County Executive.

2) Keep our parks public. I love our county parks. My fondest memories as a kid were going for long runs or biking for hours on the Oak Leaf trail. Now, the best part of my week is taking my kids to Humboldt Park to run and enjoy some open space. Every neighbor in Milwaukee deserves access to a quality park. I pledge today to visit each of our 143 parks and 12 parkways. From tiny Burns Commons (0.5 acres) to the expansive Whitnall Park (626.6 acres), I’ll personally check in on each of our neighborhood county parks over the course of the campaign and then at least once a year while I’m County Executive.

I also pledge that as your County Executive, our parks will remain public. As long as I’m in office, we’re not selling off any of our parks and we won’t have meters on our lakefront.

3) Stand with workers. As our county is struggling in a financially dire situation due to artificial restrictions, we’ve asked many of our best workers to do more with less. As County Executive, I’ll always share the sacrifice I ask our workers to make. I did this as a County Supervisor in giving back part of my salary when we forced workers to take furloughs. Too many of our neighbors are not reaping the benefit of an economy they are told is “doing well.” For many Milwaukeeans, a higher stock market doesn’t mean a bigger paycheck. So, as long as workers are struggling, I will give $10,000 of my annual salary back to the county.

4) Get dedicated funding for transit in my first term. When I started in county government 12 years ago, I fought for dedicated funding for our transit system. I will continue that fight until Milwaukee joins every other major metropolitan area in the country and get dedicated funding for our transit system.

5) Restore public oversight and public input to our mental health system.

6) End family homelessness in Milwaukee County in my first term.

7) Work to reverse the consolidation of power within one office. Whether I hold the office, or whether someone opposite of my ideology holds the office, we should all be able to agree that power belongs closer to the people, not to those at the very top.

8) Run a clean campaign. We will run a clean campaign, and ask all other candidates to join me in signing a clean campaign pledge that says we will focus on the issues, not personality differences.

Let’s build our community up and not tear each other down.

At a time of incredible belittling and bullying by our nation’s top politician, we at the local level must do better.

9) No corporate PAC money or dark money. I was Leader of my senate caucus, we took checks from bad actors and it’s clear this can influence decisions of politicians against the interests of the people.

When special interests knock on the door of the courthouse, they do so because they have a profit motive, not the best interests of our neighbors.

Let’s let the people decide, not dark money or those skirting campaign finance laws to spend exorbitant amounts of money to tilt democracy away from the people.chris-larson-milwaukee-county-executive