Endorsements for Chris Larson

“The fight for immigration reform is a fight about workers’ rights, and Senator Larson is well-known for his advocacy on behalf of workers. Senator Larson has fought alongside us in advocating for driver’s licenses for undocumented workers, against ICE raids, and for DACA DREAMers. We appreciate his allyship in the State Senate and look forward to continuing to fight for human rights alongside him as Milwaukee County Executive.”

Christine Neumann-Ortiz

Executive Director, Voces de la Frontera Action

“In the hotly contested Milwaukee County Executive race, Citizen Action members and board leaders decided that Senator Larson, who is a Citizen Action member, made the strongest and most comprehensive case for bold reform of county government. Larson would be the first progressive Milwaukee County Executive in modern history. Local Citizen Action members are particularly excited about Senator Larson’s strong support for using the power of county government to address the climate crisis in a way that provides living-wage jobs for people currently locked out of economic opportunity.

Dr. Robert Kraig

Executive Director, Citizen Action of Wisconsin

“Throughout his career, Chris Larson has stood up to corporate interests and fought for working
Milwaukeeans. The healthcare workers, janitors and security officers of the SEIU Wisconsin State Council will work hard to make Chris our next Milwaukee County Executive so that together we can fight for racial, immigrant,
environmental and economic justice for all working families, no matter our background or where we come from.”

Brenda Frary

SEIU Wisconsin State Council President

At AFSCME, we know public service isn’t just a job, it’s a calling. The work our members do matters because we are making our community better. And that’s why we are proud to endorse Chris Larson for Milwaukee County Executive – he views government as a community and treats neighbors as family. And whether it is fighting for our family’s collective bargaining power or standing up to corporate special interests, we don’t need to wonder what Senator Larson will be like as County Executive because he’s shown us by what he’s done.

Mark Pelezk

Vice President, AFSCME Council 32

“Chris Larson has demonstrated that he believes in nurses’ rights, workers’ rights, and that healthcare is a human right. He has put himself out there to do what is right and offers a record and vision that will move us in the right direction.”

Jeff Weber

RN, President of the Wisconsin Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals

“We got this.”

Yaghnam F. Yaghnam

MCTS bus driver, former Milwaukee County Executive candidate, and turtle saver

ATU 998 members are proud to give their endorsements to Chris Larson for Milwaukee County Executive. Chris has always been an advocate for transit workers and transit riders. He knows this county must move forward with improved transit and dedicated funding to make it happen.

James Macon

President, ATU Local 998

“Chris tackles every issue he takes on with energy and passion. As a father of 2 young children, he will always do what is best for every working family. As a State Senator, he knows that if Wisconsin is to move forward, Milwaukee County has to drive it – and he is the progressive leader we need in that driver’s seat.”

Christine Sinicki

State Representative

“Chris Larson wants to ensure working class people in Milwaukee County can support themselves with a livable wage, benefits to provide for their families, and safe working conditions to return to their loved ones at the end of each working day. There is no doubt, Ironworkers Local 8 endorses his candidacy knowing his commitment to the people of Wisconsin!”

Tony Mayrhofer

Secretary, Ironworkers Local 8

The Wisconsin-Milwaukee/SE Committee to Protect Pensions is proud to endorse Senator Chris Larson for County Executive of Milwaukee Wisconsin. He has been a true champion with our fight for our retirement savings. His continued support and help are greatly appreciated by the 25,000 retirees of our state.

Bob Amsden, Bernie Anderson and Kenny Stribling


Chris is the type of leader that will fight hard for all of the communities of Milwaukee, not just those at the top. Throughout his career, he has shown this as a County Supervisor and as Senate Democratic Leader.”

Chris Walton

Chair, Democratic Party of Milwaukee County

“I’m supporting Larson because I’ve seen him, time and time again, stand up for the people over special interests. He doesn’t act for what is politically convenient or to advance his own career, he acts with the best interest of the people in mind.”

Steve Shea

Milwaukee County Supervisor

The UAW is proud to endorse Chris Larson for Milwaukee County Executive. Chris has stood with working people and the labor movement every step of the way. We believe he will make an excellent County Executive.

John Drew

Vice Chair, UAW SE WI CAP Council

Chris has been a colleague and friend for 8 years and I admire his commitment and passion for progressive values. Together in the State Senate, we’ve fought for a fair revenue deal for Milwaukee, common-sense gun reform, for equal rights for all, and a champion for working families. As County Executive, Chris will be an accessible leader who fights for the many, not the few.

LaTonya Johnson

State Senator

From DemTeam trainings to his work in the State Senate, I have always appreciated how Chris centers the voices of the marginalized. He’s a true ally and I know he will continue to be so as Milwaukee County Executive.”

Marisabel Cabrera

State Representative

“Whether preserving the county parks that are crucial to our quality of life or protecting bus routes that serve MATC’s students and staff, we’re confident that Chris Larson would be the most effective County Executive.” 

David Weingrod

AFT Local 212 COPE

Chris has championed progressive values since the moment he joined me in the Senate nine years ago. From fighting for affordable and accessible healthcare for all to a fair revenue deal for Milwaukee, Chris relentlessly pursues new angles on things until they get done. I know that as Milwaukee County Executive, he will work just as hard for your family as he does for his own.

Tim Carpenter

State Senator

“The United Steelworkers appreciates your support on the issues that mean the most to us – expanding and improving our economy, creating opportunities to put people back to work in family-sustaining jobs, and supporting the right for workers to bargain collectively for the pay and benefits they deserve. If the labor movement is to once again thrive and grow, these are issues that must be addressed, and it is clear that you are the candidate willing to step up and fight us. We must join to rebuild the middle class and make Wisconsin’s economy strong again.”

Michael Bolton

United Steelworkers District 2

Chris Larson has been fighting the good fight for public schools, MPS students and public workers for the past decade. Chris took a stand for public workers as we fought back together against Act 10,  the most anti-worker legislation Wisconsin has ever seen. But it was in 2016 when Chris truly won my heart when he took a stand and became our champion for Milwaukee Public Schools after a State legislated takeover gave County Executive Abele authority to privatize and takeover MPS. Chris Larson took a stand for public workers and for MPS students and our public schools when we needed him most, and I’ll never forget that. Milwaukee, join me and bring everyone you know to the polls to vote for Chris!

Dr. Amy Mizialko

President, MTEA

“In addition to Chris Larson’s extensive experience, both in County and State  government as well as his positions on legislation and advocacy for working families, we are confident that your service as Milwaukee County Executive is the right choice for area Teamster members and their families.”

William Carroll

Secretary-Treasurer, Teamsters Local 344

“Chris Larson has demonstrated leadership that speaks for itself. The endurance he has displayed to serve the voters brings solid confidence that as the next Milwaukee County Executive our communities shall be in very capable hands.”  

Thomas Bennett

Secretary-Treasurer, Teamsters Local 200

“I admire Larson for his progressive leadership in the legislature, for his vision in crafting solutions for problems the state, county and our community are facing, and his courage to speak on behalf of seniors and minorities. ”

Fred Kessler

Former State Representative and Judge

Chris doesn’t just spout progressive values, he lives them. He’s the only candidate in this race who has promised to run a clean campaign that rejects corporate PAC, fossil fuel, and dark money contributions.

I know he will serve the people of Milwaukee County, not special interests.”

Randy Bryce

“Chris Larson is the bold, progressive leader Milwaukee needs. He has my full support.”

Jonathan Brostoff

State Representative

“From a $15 wage to protecting our air and water, Chris Larson supports working families on the
issues that matter most. Chris will fight to build a Milwaukee County that works for all working people, not just the wealthy and well-connected.”

Amicar Zapata

SEIU janitor

Chris Larson is a people’s champion. He is the most progressive candidate in the race and is the best choice for Milwaukee County Executive.”

Mike McCabe

Executive Director, Our Wisconsin Revolution

“Senator Larson has stood up for Wisconsin’s teachers, and now we are standing up for Senator Larson. From Chris’ advocacy in the state legislature on behalf of all unions to his fight to ensure public dollars are used for public education, we know he will continue to put the needs of our students first as Milwaukee County Executive. WEAC Region 7 is proud to endorse him!”

Debbie Martin

President, WEAC Region 7

Sandy Pasch

Sandy Pasch

Former State Rep.

Ronald S. San Felippo

Ronald S. San Felippo

Former Milwaukee School Board Director

Jon Richards

Jon Richards

Former State Rep.

Kristen Wilhelm

Kristen Wilhelm

Franklin Alderman

John Gelhard

John Gelhard

Glendale Alderman

Scott Spiker

Scott Spiker

Milwaukee Alderman